Trestleboard Newsletter

In "Operative" masonry, a trestle-board was a table laid flat on top of trestles or saw horses. It was the board upon which the Master inscribed the designs by which the Craft was to be directed in their labors.

Today, "Speculative" Freemasons use the term "Trestleboard" as the name of their lodge newsletters.

The "Trestleboard" newsletter of Temple Lodge No. 14 contains timely important information about our Lodge. To include: A Message from the Worshipful Master, Messages from “The West” (the Senior Warden) or a Message from “The South” (the Junior Warden). It also contains: an updated Calendar of Events, birthday dates of Lodge members during the current month, a list of Lodge Committees and their members, and the names and phone numbers of all current Lodge Officers. 

Our “Trestleboard” newsletter is edited by Robert C. Kelso, PM (our Lodge Secretary). It is published twleve times a year (once a month) and it is mailed to all members of Temple Lodge No. 14. It is also made available in the front lobby of our Lodge building located at 669 Broadway, Sonoma, California 95476.

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Trestleboard Newsletter- January 2014

Trestleboard Newsletter- December 2013

Trestleboard Newsletter- November 2013

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